Kutras Alag

Grandfather of King Redim Alag, started building the Realm of Rupernalden


• Race: Human
• Class: King
• Gender: Male
• Age: 58 (born in 9559, coroneted in 9599 at age 40, died in 9617 at age 58) [ruled 18 years]
• Alignment: Lawful Good
• Hair Colour: Brown
• Eye Colour: Brown
• Skin Colour: tanned
• Height: 6 foot 6
• Weight: 214lb


King Redim Alag’s grandfather who started building the Realm of Rupernalden. He was the king of Gordalen, whose capital city was Gorvon and he took over several countries south of him and died in his siege of Okoskle to take the land of Lindewhelt.

Kutras Alag

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