Great Axe

Indestructible axe that belonged to King Redim Alag

weapon (melee)

Damage: 200-500
Weight (grams): 10,080
Value (copper): 635,743 \ 1,589,358

This axe gives 25% resistance to everything. It also gives 50% more strength and 40% more toughness to the wielder, and enhances appearance by 25%. The Great Axe does 400% more damage, and has 25% more chance to critically hit or stun, and 50% chance to knock foes back five feet, doing 1-5 extra damage. It is 10% lighter. It glows with a bright blue light when orcs, ogres, trolls, or giants are near.


This adamant Dwarvish great-axe was King Redim Alag’s favorite weapon. It was laid on his tomb and remains sealed in his burial vault.

Great Axe

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