King Redim Alag

The good king of The Realm of Rupernalden who was assassinated by the orc Zugla Gak.


Race: Human
Class: King
Gender: Male
Age: 47 (born in 9606, coroneted in 9625 at age 19, assassinated in 9653, 7th month, 3rd day at age 47) [ruled 28 years]
Alignment: Lawful Good
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: tanned
Height: 6 foot 4
Weight: 178lb


King Redim Alag – well loved king of Gordalen who was directly descended from Kordonab, an ancient hero and leader of the Kordonabians when they were still nomadic, and who was an enemy of the great hunter Numed; owner of the Great Axe, came to the Dwarves aid when asked by Archmage Zurn, was assassinated by a mountain orc called Zugla Gak, after he led his army to the defeat of King Agshumk and his vast army of orcs who were attacking Drithmell. He was known for his fairness, did not believe in a difference of class between nobles and common people; he treated everyone like royalty and gained the love of the people in his Realm, and more respect for it. He had four children: two sons and two daughters. His beautiful wife, Shivia, sadly died giving birth to his last child, Ralda, and he never remarried. His grandfather, Kutras, was a great warrior who united many of the various human lands into one but died in his siege of Okoskle, and his father, Retras took Okoskle and greatly expanded the Realm’s borders. King Redim did much to bring the different peoples together as one, since his fathers had conquered many different human lands and not everyone was getting along. He made alliances with the Elves of Vorlodyn and Halenquar and the Dwarves of Drithmell, Angrul, and The Dwarf Cave and the Hobbits of Gardinen joined his realm willingly for the protection it offered them. Indeed, King Redim offered the protection of the Realm to the various cities and towns that were still outside the Realms borders and did not ask for much tax money, and though he put his military skills and his extremely well organized army to good use in building up the Realm of Rupernalden, King Redim used his diplomacy skills just as much, especially in uniting the many different groups living within the borders of the Realm. He set up holidays and festivals celebrating the diversity of the different peoples of the Realm, which were well received, and he had the people taught about other races so that they would not be uninformed and ignorant. King Redim had one friend closer than any other, whose name was Krethax, who was an archmage who was almost the same age as him. They had grown up together in Gorvon and had been friends since their youth: the one a prince destined to be king of the greatest realm to exist in those parts, the other destined to become the greatest human archmage of his day and advisor to the king, his friend. It was with the greatest of sadness when Krethax sealed up Redim Alag’s tomb, on a hill near his palace Ravenpart, where they had laid his Great Axe on his coffin to await the day a hero would come and use it to save the Realm in a time of great need. He sealed up the vault with a powerful spell, so none could disturb the king, but set a password that would allow entry, though only when the rays of the evening sun shine directly on the tombs door. The king’s last warning before he died spoke of a great threat to the Realm that would tear it apart if not stopped, which, unfortunately, was not.

King Redim Alag

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